Finally, I kneel


best submissive

It had been just over a month since we last saw each other. The trip before was brief, only 2 days together. There was 5 months in which we didn’t see each other. The longest every for us. This trip we knew would be different, we just weren’t sure how. I came into town on a Tuesday afternoon. We had the next two days together. The first time in 2 years. When he arrived I was laying on the bed naked, awaiting him, like I was told to. He climbed onto the bed, hovering over my body, and kissed me. It was a possessive kiss, one that demanded my submission to him. He was rock hard, I was dripping wet. As he pulled away, I reached for him. He slid down my body, kissing his way down. At last he reached my aching pussy. Lick..lick..I felt his tongue on me., his hands gripping my feet. H’es kissing them, sucking my toes. Licking his way from my toes to my pussy… I needed more.  He had me begging for him, fucking me with his tongue. I came, my juices covering his face. I pull him to meet my lips, and kiss him hungrily. I feel him slide into my pussy, easing the ache I feel. As he moves inside me, I need more. So much more. He surrounds me, inside me, holding me, kissing me.  His hands on my feet, legs on his shoulders as he moves inside me. His lips on my toes, sucking them feels so erotic, so fucking good. It’s like my feet are his newest obsession. Red toes, tattoos.. he loves them. He bends me over, fucking me from behind. I feel my pussy clench, and I come screaming his name. I feel him cum deep inside me. It feels so fucking good. “Hi.” I say to him. “Hey babe”, he replies back. This is a standard welcome for us.  His next statement has me worried, “I’m going to break that pussy.”  I laugh, I’m more likely to break his cock than him break my pussy, but challenge accepted.

Our next round, things take an interesting turn. I’m so turned on by him inside me, as I ride his cock, I need more of him. I needed all of him. I needed to submit. I stop riding his cock and slide off. He looks confused, I tell him to wait. I grab the lube, and cover his cock with it, I also put some on me. I turn around, as in reverse cowgirl, and slide him inside me….inside where no one else has been. I slowly lower myself onto his cock, my asshole stretching around him, gripping him so tightly. I can hear him hissing  at how great it feels. I slowly adjust, and begin moving. I ride his cock, but it’s still not enough for me. I slide off, and get on my knees, head down on the bed, submitting to him. I needed him to take me this way. I needed him to know I submit to him. To his power, his everything. I don’t think he realized the significance of this. “Fuck me!” I scream. “Fuck my ass”, I keep screaming as he fucks me so slowly. He refuses to go faster, or harder. I feel him everywhere. He’s filling my ass with his hard cock, his arms are wrapped around my waist. Gripping me as he fucks my ass. I feel him start to speed up, fucking me faster. I’m moaning, it feels so fucking good. “Oh I love to fuck this ass. This asshole is mine.” He’s grunting as he talks. “All yours. Oh so good”, is my reply. He speaks in grunts, praising my ass, telling me how good it feels gripping his cock to tight. I feel him get harder, he’s so close to coming.  “Cum in my ass. Fill my asshole with your cum. Claim me. Show me who I belong to.” I scream to him. Telling him over and over to fill my ass.  I’m so close…so fucking close.  There, that’s the spot, I scream each time he hits it. Wound so tight…I’m there….. Fucking screaming as I cum, clenching his cock. I feel one last hard thrust, then I feel his hot cum in my ass. Filling me, claiming what’s his. I know who I belong to…Him.. Always him. as we both come down from our orgasms.. He admits he was surprised when I started riding him, with him in my ass. I told him it was something I needed at that moment.

By the next morning. My pussy was indeed broken. He had achieved his goal. The sex was amazing, was full of passion. This trip was different. The passion this trip was off the charts, the sex was unlike any other trip. The emotions were overwhelming. This trip, the sex felt like almost a goodbye. Like we had to take what we could before it was no longer an option.  I’ve realized, looking back..that he owns me now. Every part of me. Of my body. There is no place on my body he hasn’t gone, or been.  I don’t know if he’s figured out the significance of my submitting to him in such a way. We’ve not spoken about it. I’d gladly let him in that most intimate of places again… knowing how he enjoys it,, enjoys dominating me.. Owning me..claiming me.  I need more of him.. I need to feel him filling me every day…I need to taste his cock. I count down the days till I see him next, feel him filling me. 43 days..and counting down.


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